Labor Day Long Reads

Long weekends are for long reads. A quick post this week curating some of my favorite articles I’ve encountered this year. If you, too, are holed up in a shore house this weekend, watching tropical storm Hermine rumble through, here’s some reading material to pass the time.  

After Dark by Michael D. Shear. Ever since West Wing I’ve been obsessed with the daily habits of Presidents. This article is a cool peek into Obama’s routine. “Always seven almonds.”

A Whole New Ball Game by D.T. Max. Robots in schools.

Gone Guy by Frank Guan. A thorough and hilarious examination of Drake’s oeuvre.

Hamilton by Joe Posnanski. A father and his daughter get to see Hamilton.

This Old Man by Roger Angell. Roger Angell, master stylist and long-time contributor to the New Yorker, writes about what it’s like to be 92. This came out a few years ago but it’s a must-read.

Which Rockstar Will Historians of the Future Remember? by Chuck Klosterman. One of the great pleasures in life is reading Mr. Klosterman geek out about music. Plenty of that here.

Happy Labor Day weekend.